FUCHS TITAN RACE SYN 5 75w90 Fully Synthetic Performance Gearbox Oil

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Fuchs Titan Race Syn 5 75w90 Fully Synthetic Gearbox Oil is a very high performance gear oil, rally proven in sequential gearboxes and active transmissions.

A multifunction product designed primarily for use in manual transmissions and final drive units, including road and competition limited-slip differentials.

Offers exceptional anti wear performance and will protect driveline components under the most demanding applications and operating conditions.

Gives true 'stay in grade' performance with optimum power release, even at low temperatures.

Available in 1 Litre only.

Fuchs Titan Race Syn 5 75w90 certifications/licensing:

  • API GL-5, SAE 75w90 & MIL-PRF-2105E (US Military)

Fuchs Titan Race Syn 5 75w90 recommendations:

  • Dog/Crash Gearboxes
  • Sequential Gearboxes
  • Where a multigrade API GL-5 lubricant is specified

Fuchs Titan Race Sync 5 75w90 benefits:

  • Provides optimum lubrication and protection over a very wide operating temperature range, eliminating low temperature gear selection problems, as well as providing excellent protection to highly stressed components at high operating temperatures
  • Highest quality fully synthetic; PAO/Ester based multifunctional gear lubricant
  • Excellent rationalisation grade, and can be safely recommended where SAE 90, 85W-90 or 80W-90 grades are specified
  • Outstanding load carrying capacity and antiwear performance can help extend component life
  • Gives true 'stay in grade' performance with optimum power release, even at low temperatures
  • Allows optimum power transfer across the entire temperature range

Not recommended for synchromesh transmissions.

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