ACUITY Solid Gear Shifter Mount Bush Kit - Honda Civic Type R FN2

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This ACUITY Solid Gear Shifter Bush Kit replaces the OEM rubber bushings and therefor providing a more precise gear change.

Unfortunately the OEM gear shifter bushes lead to a very noticeable "spongy" feeling during gear changes. This solid bushing kit replaces the OEM rubber bushings with rigid 6061-T651 aluminium bushes making for a much more decisive shift, even with the stock shifter!

ACUITY have had the bushings are coated in a purple Type 2 anodized finished, laser etched, and paired with class 12.9 flat-head mounting bolts.

Understanding the science of the perfect shift feel is the years of experience that have taught the engineers at ACUITY that there are many elements to a refined, responsive shift.

Tested on street cars, track cars, and ACUITY's unreasonably violent shifter testing machine, these bushings are designed to be robust and proven to last.

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