GFB DV+ Performance Recirculating Diverter Valve - Volkswagen Polo GTI MK5 6R

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This GFB DV+ Performance Diverter Valve features an exclusive “pilot-actuated” valve mechanism for rapid response at high boost on performance applications.

The OEM fitted valve solenoid coil itself is great (the ECU opens it faster than any pneumatic valve), but the the valve mechanism itself is a weak link and will not maintain performance as power increases. The GFB DV+ Performance Diverter Valve solves this problem by using an anodised billet aluminium housing fitted with a brass piston machined to exacting tolerances, ensuring performance throughout.

A easy direct-fit solution to the factory diverter valve used on many TSI engines.

Once installed, their will be sharper throttle response, lightning-fast valve actuation, and will hold as much boost as you can throw at it!

These are more responsive, less expensive, easier to install, and doesn’t cause compressor surge/turbo flutter. Oh, and it doesn’t require different springs or frequent re-builds unlike traditional pneumatic valves.

The GFB DV+ Diverter Valve is a recirculation valve and does not vent to the atmosphere, providing a quiet operation.

GFB DV+ Performance Diverter Valve features:

  • Retains the factory solenoid coil for seamless integration
  • Replaces plastic valve parts with metal for reliability and strength on chipped engines
  • Direct-fit replacement with GFB’s TMS benefits
  • Exclusive “pilot-actuated” valve mechanism for rapid response at high boost

A direct fit for:

  • Audi A1 8X 1.4TFSI
  • Volkswagen Beetle 5C 1.4TSI
  • Volkswagen Golf 1K 1.4TSI
  • Volkswagen Golf 5K 1.4TSI
  • Volkswagen Jetta MK5 1.4TSI
  • Volkswagen Jetta MK6 1.4TSI
  • Volkswagen Polo GTI 6R 1.4TSI
  • Volkswagen Scirocco 137 1.4TFSI
  • Volkswagen Tiguan 5N 1.4TFSI

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