Turbosmart Kompact Plumb Back Recirculating Diverter Valve - Universal

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Flange Size: 20mm
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This Turbosmart Kompact Plumb Back Dump Valve is designed to be a bolt on replacement for factory dump valves, the Turbosmart Kompact series offer the highest quality with superior flow.

Recirculates all excess pressure straight back into the intake system.

The Kompact series can replace factory Bosch or Denso type valves as fitted to many VAG applications, Saab and Porsche.

Designed as an original upgrade, fitting existing systems yet is able to deal with increases in performance and requires no adjustment so is ideal for users who want a simple plug and play kit.

When accelerating the turbocharger produces compressed air which supplies the engine. When you lift off the accelerator the throttle butterfly closes and the boost has no escape route, so it backs up through the intercooler and causes back pressure, preventing the turbo from spinning, also known as compression stall.

By installing a dump valve, every time you release the throttle excess boost pressure will be released creating a significant reduction in turbo 'lag' contributing towards faster pick up between gear changes.

Flange choice of 20mm, 25mm or 34mm.

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