TAKATA Formula 6 Point Bolt In FHR-HANS Harness (FIA Approved) - Green

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The TAKATA Formula 6 Point Bolt In FHR/HANS Harness is a 6 point FIA approved harness for reclined or space limited seating positions as found in various formula cars, prototypes and kit cars.

The routing of the crotch straps goes through the D-Rings on the lapstaps, so there is no hardware between the legs of the driver in the small confines of the cockpit.

The TAKATA Formula 6 Point Bolt In FHR/HANS Harness features an aluminium multi-point release cam-lock buckle, 2"/3" HANS® shoulder straps, 2" lap straps and 2" crotch straps. The HANS® specific 2"/3" shoulder straps are designed to make HANS® use safer and more comfortable.

The upper part of the shoulder strap is 2" wide, fitting perfectly on the friction surface on the HANS® device. Standard 3" shoulder straps will work with HANS®, but the 2"/3" straps give a better fit and allow you to optimize the installation angles behind the seat

The lap and crotch straps are supplied with wrap-in bolt on hardware which can also be removed for installation with pinch-plates as found in many formula type cars. The 2" shoulder straps have wrapped in bolt-on brackets, that can be removed, to allow the shoulder straps to be wrapped around a tube or bar.

Genuine JDM motorsport heritage harness in all motorsport disciplines from drift to Formula 1.

TAKATA are the ultimate in safety harnesses.

Available in green or black.

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