Synchrotech Carbon Lined Synchro Kit - Honda Civic EP3, FN2, Integra DC5, K20

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Synchro Options: 1st-6th - Dual Cone
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Synchrotech Carbon Lined Synchros improve shifting response.

Utilizing a carbon fibre lining technology which acts as braking material during gear engagement, this also allows for quicker and more precise shifting.

Carbon fibre lined for increased durability and prolongs the life of the gear set.

100% larger surface contact area for increased performance as well as a more aggressive lock angle for effortless high rpm shifting.

Synchrotech Carbon Lined Synchro Kit Dual/Single Cone Fitment:

  • Dual Cone - Honda Civic Type R EP3 (01-04)
  • Single Cone - Honda Civic Type R EP3 (05-06)

Made from high strength Japanese brass.

After several years of research & development, Synchrotech are proud to offer the most technologically advanced synchros on the market for transmissions.

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