STACK Wideband O2 Air Fuel Ratio 52mm Electrical Digital Gauge

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Face Colour: Black
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The STACK Wideband O2 Air Fuel Ratio 52mm Digital Gauge possess a digital and LED display providing accurate real time readout of either air/fuel ratio or lambda.

Features a 0-5 volt output to enable connection to a data logger or any ECU, providing real time closed loop feedback for improved fuel mapping (a very useful tuning aid).

An alarm is featured to give a warning of dangerous lean fuelling which could lead to engine damage.

Also features a programmable display response so the user can fine tune the sensitivity of the gauge.

The leanest value can also be viewed by using the peak recall facility.

Supplied complete with Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor, wiring harness and stainless steel mounting boss.

Available in Black or White.

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