STACK Professional Voltmeter 52mm Electrical Analogue Gauge (8-18v)

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STACK Professional Water Temperature 52mm Analogue Gauges feature a 270° full sweep movement and are precision auxiliary gauges.

Equipped with digital microprocessor accuracy along with a high precision stepper motor needle to provide an unrivalled level of accuracy and reliability.

The white LED backlighting and an illuminated needle ensures the 270° dial is easy to read during day and night use.

STACK Professional Water Temperature Gauge features:

  • Gauge reads 8-18 Volts
  • Stepper motor needle movement & solid state sensor offer exceptional accuracy
  • Supplied with solid state sensor & wiring harness
  • Easy to read in day time or night time
  • High accuracy and excellent reliability
  • White LED illuminated backlighting
  • White LED illuminated needle

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