Racetech Boost-Turbo Pressure 52mm Mechanical Analogue Gauge (-1-2.5BAR)

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The Racetech Boost/Turbo Pressure 52mm Analogue Gauge reads -1 - 2.5BAR.

Racetech have developed a range of mechanical instruments manufactured especially for competition use and having clearly defined scales and a high build specification.

Racetech gauges are 52mm diameter with black face, black bezel and illuminated for nightime use.

This Racetech Boost/Turbo Pressure Gauge requires vacuum hose and tail end fittings.

The Racetech Turbo/Boost Pressure fitting kit is optional.


  • Seriously robust as proven in several motorsport competitions
  • Clear precise layout from empty to full display
  • Easy to fit and wire up
  • Vacuum hose and tail end fittings required
  • Backlit for night time use
  • 52mm in size

A Racetech detailed wiring diagram is included.

Lightweight construction and features threaded outer case with threaded lock ring for ease of installation.

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