Pro Alloy Front Mount Intercooler & Turbo Cooler Kit (Black) - Renault Megane III RS 250-265

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Pro Alloy have addressed the rising temperatures as boost rises throughout the gears on the Renault Megane RS by utilising a slim line front mounted, high ambient air flow Intercooler (3x the surface area of the OEM cooler) complete with an air scoop and mounts for the Pro Alloy turbo cooler, which is fitted underneath the original water radiator, filling the space where the OEM intercooler would originally be installed.

The results are impressive, the thinner cooler shows a 25% reduction in the recovery temperature between runs and an 18% reduction in the peak intake temperature. Adding the turbo cooler shows a 7% decrease in water temperatures whilst cruising and most importantly a 5% reduction whilst on boost.

Extensive Dyno testing results showed 299.5BHP at the fly as standard with a instant rise of 10.2bhp from installing this kit, boosting the new BHP figure to 309.7! Even higher gains is to be expected once re-mapped to suit the new set up.

Fitting is simple with only very minimal cutting of the plastic trim to allow the fitment of the air scoop.

Available with or without the Pro Alloy logo.

Pro Alloy Front Mount Intercooler & Turbo Cooler Kit includes:

  • Pro Alloy Intercooler
  • Pro Alloy Turbo Cooler
  • All Needed Nuts, Bolts & Fixings

Pro Alloy have over 25 years of combined experience in the design and manufacture of high performance Alloy intercoolers and radiators. From race cars to fast road cars through to thoroughbred classics!

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