Mishimoto Oil Catch Can (0.5 Litre) - Universal

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Installing a Mishimoto Oil Catch Can will ensure you're getting the most out of the engine, by collecting the oil mist and condensing the fuel vapors while allowing “cleaner” gases to be passed back into the intake.

When oil vapors get into the intake system, it will lower combustion temperatures and reduce overall efficiency. As time passes oil will build up inside the intake manifold, turbocharger, intercooler and pipe work. Oil can also get into the pressurized turbo plumbing, which can lead to pipes coming off under boost. Installing Mishimoto Oil Catch Can can prevent this from happening.

Tank capacity is 0.5ltr, and the size dimensions: 152mm x 78mm.

Inlet and outlet tail fitment is 5/8-18 for accepting -6 sized hose.

Available in Black or Carbon Fibre.

Sold individually.

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