HKS Push-Start Turbo Timer

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HKS have created the Industry's first turbo timer for the cars equipped with an push-start ignition system.

The HKS Push-Start Turbo Timer is different from conventional turbo timers as it controls the CPU managing body, enabling the turbo timer to do its job for the cars equipped a push start ignition system.

The average turbo rotates approximately at 160,000rpm and the exhaust air temperature sometimes reaches around 800oC under high-speed rotations. This alone shows that after-idling is a must for any sport/tuned car.

By allowing a turbocharged engine to idle, oil continues to pass through the turbocharger until it has cooled down to the point where oil "starvation" will not occur.

Please note that on some car models the factory security system will not be activated after the after-idling and the automatic door lock function is to lock the door by the HKS Push Start Turbo Timer, since the door cannot be locked by a key during the after-idling.

An optional 3-pin female HKS Turbo Timer harness can be purchased separately to allow an easy installation.

This product is not compatible with some vehicles. Refer to the application list before purchasing this product.

Includes instructions.

HKS Push-Start Turbo Timer functions:

  • Timer Function: Manual 1 & 2 Mode (enables to set the after-idling time)
  • Set time: 0-10mins (at the interval of 10 sec)
  • Battery Voltage Indicator: Indication of the battery voltage, peak value, and warning function's ON/OFF status.
  • Automatic Door Lock Function: The door is locked by Turbo Timer since the key-lock does not function during after-idling. This function is optional. Set time: 1-10 sec. (at the interval of 1 sec.)

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