HKS EVC-S Electronic Boost Controller

HKSSKU: 45003-AK009
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HKS EVC-S Electronic Boost Controller has many of the same features of the more expensive HKS EVC 6 but within a display similar to HKS Turbo Timers.

The HKS EVC-S Electronic Boost Controller unit is compact and easy to install within the engine bay and the interior. Since the Boost Sensor is independent, hose routing does not need to run into the vehicle's interior.

The HKS EVC-S features a solenoid valve specifically designed to accurately control boost pressure up to 250kPa or 36 PSI, 2.48 Bar.

Appearance of the display unit was designed to match well with other HKS electronics parts, enabling simplicity, even in driving conditions.

Some of the HKS EVC-S Electronic Boost Controller functions;

  • Boost pressure can be set in 2 different modes to use them for different conditions.
  • Overboost & boost drop warning feature
  • All settings are stored via internal memory; so settings will not be lost even when the ignition is off or the battery is disconnected.
  • Data can be locked with a password; it prevents data loss or inadvertent data changes.
  • Select the unit from kPa or PSI.

This includes everything needed to change the boost pressure along with wiring diagram in english.

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