EVENTURI Carbon Induction Kit (Red Carbon) - Honda Civic Type R FK2

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EVENTURI Carbon Induction Kits are specifically designed and dyno tested with flow analysis to outperform other air intakes on the market.

EVENTURI Induction Kits use a cone type air filter, but it is inverted and decoupled from the MAF tube. By removing the direct connection between the filter and the MAF tube, the filter is not now dictating the shape of the airflow. This is now being done by the carbon housing, which also acts as a heat shield. The carbon housing shapes the airflow smoothly down to the MAF tube over the entire distance of the housing.

This means that it ensures laminar conditions throughout the intake into the MAF tube which is a lot more efficient. Furthermore, the funnel-shaped housing invokes the Venturi effect where the smooth reduction in cross-sectional area along the length of the housing causes the airflow to increase in velocity, essentially the entire housing acts as a velocity stack. On the road/track this translates not only to more power but smoother delivery and a sharper throttle response as the airflow is not inhibited by abrupt geometry changes.

To compliment the unique filter housings EVENTURI designed air filters specifically for the reverse mounted configuration in order to provide optimum airflow through the intake system.

The intake scoop designs have, where possible a curved face for as much of the exposed area as possible in order to smoothly redirect incoming air direct to the air filter. In doing so EVENTURI have ensured that engine bay heat is displaced and intake air temperatures are kept as low as possible.

Only the best materials are selected for each component, even down to the choice of fasteners and fixings in order to ensure that the quality of the end product is second to none.

Includes all mounting brackets and hardware for installation.

Non-woven mesh air filter supplied.

Expected Performance Gains: 16-18hp, 20-22ft-lb

RHD Models only.

note: image is for illustration purposes and may differ on delivery

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