Rival Motorsport Wheel Stud & Nut Conversion Kit - M12x1.25

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Stud Length: 75mm
Wheel Nuts: Tapered Nuts (Aftermarket Wheels)
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Rival Motorsport Wheel Stud & Nut Conversion Kits are manufactured from 10.9 strength rating cold forged steel and are perfect for those wanting to eliminate the use of wheel bolts.

Paired with open ended wheel nuts of the same thread pitch.

Sold as a set of 20.


  • Manufactured From Cold Forged Steel (10.9 Strength Rating)
  • Available in 75mm, 82mm or 90mm Stud Length

Size Specifications:

  • 75mm - For use with or without 10mm spacers (15mm threaded hub length | 55mm threaded nut length)
  • 82mm - For use with 15mm spacers (15mm threaded hub length | 62mm threaded nut length)
  • 90mm - For use with 20mm spacers (15mm threaded hub length | 70mm threaded nut length)

Installation Process:

  • When installing each wheel stud into the wheel hub, the use of thread lock such as Loctite 242 Blue must be used in order to ensure the wheel stud stays secured to the hub. Loctite 242 Blue is vibration resistant & good for up to 149degrees Celsius.
  • Each wheel stud is to be torqued to 14NM, and each wheel nut is to be torqued to the same rating as the original car manufactures factory wheel bolt torque rate
  • After approximately 50-60miles worth of use, check that the wheel nut torque rating has remained the same and re-torque if needed.

note: image is for illustration purposes and may differ on delivery.

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