ALFiT Water Temperature Sensor Mount Kit - Universal

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Hose Diameter: 26mm/1.02"
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The ALFiT Universal Water Temperature Sensor Mount allows you to mount a water temperature sensor directly into the radiator hose.

By mounting the water temperature sensor directly in the path of the water flow to the radiator, it will provide the most accurate reading possible.

Being able to accurately gauge the water temperature aids the prevention of overheating.

Made from aluminium and fitted with a 1/8" NPT threaded sensor bung.

To determine what size mount is needed, simply measure the inner diameter of the hose.

Overall length is approximately 3" and also includes 2 clamps for an easy installation.

Available in 5 hose sizes:

  • 26mm/1.02"
  • 28mm/1.10"
  • 30mm/1.18"
  • 36mm/1.41"
  • 38mm/1.50"

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