AEM CD-5-CD-7 22 Channel CAN Sensor Module Cable

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The AEM CD-5/CD-7 22 Channel CAN Sensor Module Cable allows to add a CD-5/CD-7 dash display into any application!

Converts analog, digital and frequency inputs into an AEMnet CAN bus signal that can be transmitted to the CD-5 Carbon and CD-7 Digital Dashes.

This expansion module provides a way for users with carbureted vehicles to add a CD Dash, and lets users with existing CAN-based devices add more channels to the display for viewing and/or data logging (data logging requires CD-5L Carbon or CD-7L logging Dashes).

The 22-Channel CAN Sensor Module is compatible with the CD Dashes only; it will run in parallel with 3rd party CAN devices on the CD dashes but it is currently not compatible with AEM’s AQ-1 Data Logger, Series 2 or Infinity ECUs, or 3rd party ECUs or loggers.

Very easy to install as it is simple plug & play.

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